Our Mission

The primary mission of Ragatz Realty is to bring together sellers and buyers of resort-oriented properties. Included in the “buyers” category are purchasers, investors, joint venture partners and operating companies. “Resort-oriented properties” range from vacant developable land, to existing or under-construction projects, to bulk inventory. The term includes resort hotels, resort condominiums, vacation home homesites, resort timeshare and fractional interest offerings, golf courses, ski resorts, etc.


The common denominator of the firm’s emphasis is the word “resort.” This word encompasses traditional vacation destinations as well as urban settings, i.e., wherever people enjoy leisure time activities.

Principals of Ragatz Realty have accumulated more than 75 years of experience in the resort real estate industry. Our affiliate, Ragatz Associates, has conducted over 2,500 studies for resort real estate developers and investors in 48 states and more than 70 countries. Most likely, no other realty company in the world has such extensive experience in the resort real estate industry.

This combined experience has led to an in-depth understanding of:

  • what makes a successful resort development,
  • what investors and lenders seek when committing investment to a resort development,
  • what are realistic prices in today’s marketplace for resort developments,
  • where the best acquisition and investment opportunities are located, and
  • who are the most appropriate buyers, investors and joint venture partners.

Our international reputation allows us to concentrate on our extensive one-to-one communication network. We prefer working with properties that are “under the normal radar screen.” Our fees are reasonable. All communications and disclosures are done with the utmost integrity.